No. 339: Birds Eye View of Bridge & Drive, Franklin Park
Postcard #339

Postcard. Caption on front: Birds eye View of Bridge & Drive, Franklin Park, Dorchester, Mass. Postmarked Jun 8, 1909. Dorchester Center Station. with one cent stamp. On verso: The Rotograph Co., N.Y. City. Printed in Germany. 56487

 Christine Poff's (of the Franklin Park Coalition) description of the bridge's location follows:

It?s the driving bridge over Scarboro Pond (which is spelled Scarboro on some historical documents and Scarborough in others) ? if you drive along the park road and turn into the drive leading to the Shattuck Tennis courts, pass the courts and keep going you?ll drive over the bridge. There is a small sign ?Maintenance Yard? and planted island of flowers marking the spot from the main road ? at the end of the bridge you can turn left and drive into the Parks Dept. Maintenance Yard ? all maintenance operations, the Park Rangers, and the greenhouses for the city are located there.

This bridge view looks different than the current view, I think that is because the pond was made smaller when the golf course was renovated in recent decades (not sure the date ? maybe the 1980?s?)

The area just in from the main road is commonly called the Shattuck Picnic Area or the Shattuck Tennis Courts, but Olmsted named it ?The Resting Grounds? as it was here that the Colonial army rested when being chased by the British (something like that, Mark Swartz knows the story best).

Our goal is to have lovely signs in a few places around the park announcing the historical names of areas and giving a brief history of the site ? then the general public would start to call sites by their historical names.

--Christine P.
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